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Maze's End Turbo-Fog

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

A few weeks ago we picked up from MTG Mint Card, our fourth and last card to complete a book set of Maze's End.  This fine rare land from Dragon's Maze offers a nice alternate win condition.  How a players wins a game of Magic: the Gathering is to reduce their opponent's life total from 20 (in standard constructed) to zero.  Currently, there are 4 cards in standard which provides an indirect or direct effect to win that game in a non-conventional means providing that the player fulfills a set of conditions.

Maze's end has been around for a while and we had not paid it much heed.  Then, recently there we had a match against one such deck at a Friday Night Magic event at OMG! Games here in Barrie.  Know what?  We got our butt handed to us - it was completely frustrating.  We did not have an Encroaching Wastes, Bramblecrush or Pithing Needle (to affect the Maze's third ability).  It would even have been nice to have a Burning Earth.  Yep - irritating as all heck which is why we became interested in this - and not having a lot of cash for cardboard, this fit our budget perfectly.  Anywhoos - let's have a looky-loo at how to build this -
Obviously, you will need four Maze's End and at least two of each Guildgate.  Where you go from here with your mana base is dictated by your spells.

Time is critical and you will want to get to the Maze's End finish line as soon as you can before your opponent grinds you out.  To this end, we suggest you may want to consider 'Into the Wilds' or 'Urban Evolution' to get additional gates onto the battlefield.  Also, 'Gatecreeper Vine' will allow you to 'tutor' a gate you haven't pulled yet.
As you are assembling your Maze's End win condition, your opponent will be attempting to bash you.  Negate any combat damage with Fog, Druid's Deliverance and Defend the Hearth.  Riot Control also works wonders and allows you to gain life which could be rather important if you opponent has a few burn spells to chuck at your head.
Speaking of life, some Maze's End players like Saruli Gatekeepers which provides a nice blocker and an almost guaranteed life gain of seven.  Since we want to pack a parachute should Maze's End goes off the rails, we like 'Crackling Perimeter' to shoot damage.
Lastly, to add some control elements we consider the robust 'Detention Sphere' to neutralize threats, and 'Supreme Verdict' to board-wipe.  Negate and Dissolve offers some counter-magic while 'Fade into Antiquity' answers any of the new Theros gods or troublesome enchantments.
Some players may want a plan 'B' to include a milling effect while others may wish heavier life-gain.  Season to taste as you wish.  Drop us a line if you have a Maze's End or other alternate win deck.

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