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Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

We hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween event last evening.  Up here in Barrie, the weather was windy, cool, and intermittent rain.  We should have went to OMG! Games last night who were having a midnight release party for Commander 2013 - but - we handed out Halloween candy and watched scary movies instead.  We will however be heading out tonight for Friday Night Magic with a budget red deck to change things up a bit.

Anywhoos - let's yatter about today's post title - Sirens - which we will get to in a moment. We've seen quite a few game tables absolutely piled with tokens, whether they were cat tokens from Ajani, Caller of the Pride, soldier tokens from Elspeth, Sun's Champion and Elemental tokes whether from Young Pyromancer or Master of Waves.  Thank goodness we do not have anthems like Honor of the Pure or Intangible Virtue.  There are a good number of board wipers in standard (perhaps nothing as elegant and easy as Wrath of God) such as Planar Cleansing, Supreme Verdict and other conditional ones such as Anger of the Gods or Golgari Charm.

We here at MTG Realm love unpopular / marginally playable cards which can, with the right build, take advantage of the metagame.  To this end, we had a look at Shipwreck Singer to nerf the numerous tokens we've been seeing lately at our kitchen table and FNM event.  Before we go any further - fun fact time - there only two Sirens every printed by WotC.  First though - what's a siren ? 

Alluring Siren - She lures victims with promises of flesh, captures them in a net of deceit, and destroys them in the embrace of the sea.
Shipwreck Singer - Her melody melds death and beauty with such artistry that even the gods weep to hear it.

In Homer's Odyssey, Circe warns Odysseus about the dangers at sea, principal amongst them, the Sirens inhabiting the rocks isles of Sirenum scopuli. Similarly, Jason and the Argonauts faced the same dangers. Short of stuffing our ears with wax, there is not much to be done about the bewitching songs luring an honest seaman (hehehe) to their watery grave.  To this end, we are very interested in having Shipwreck Singer (with that most epic card art from Daarken) lure those soldier or elemental tokens in closer and crashing them with a semi-global -1/-1.  We just now have to flesh out an appropriate blue / black control shell and then take it for a spin for a few games.

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