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Commander 2013 Mind Seize

Happy Friday MTG peeps, 

We have for you today part two of five separate articles we are doing on the new Commander 2013 decks just recently released by WotC to a very welcoming Magic: the Gathering fan base.  Each of these new Commander pre-constructed decks provides a ready to play stack of 100 cards including a choice of three legendary creatures to act as your general which may be also represented by an oversized foil card.  The card list is a solid foundation which you can easily adjust to taste - we'll likely throw a few of our nostalgic favourites we've picked up from MTG Mint Card into the original mix. 

The is the overview / review for Commander 2013's 'Evasive Maneuvers' deck and we've prepared a video with our good friend Jon from 'Command Tower' on Tumblr.  


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This Grixis (blue / black / red) has the folowing legendary creatures in the deck to choose as your Commander / General -

Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge
This 1/3 Vampire Wizard has a cmc of four (one colorless and an 'grixis').  Not only does this fly but also mills (actually exiles) based upon how much you just cast her for - the spell cost and subsequent 'commander tax'.  From the pile of exiled cards, you can free-cast any of the spells whenever she attacks - very powerful.

Nekusar, the Mindrazer
For five mana (two colorless and a 'grixis), you can have 2/4 Zombie Wizard.  This guy forces everyone to draw an extra card each turn but goes further by dinging each opponent one damage for each card drawn.  We suggest you employ shenanigans like Forced Fruition for the lulz. 

Here's a reprint from Shards of Alara. This is a great beater.  For seven (four colorless and a 'grixis') you get a hasty 6/6 which forces the defending player to sac a critter whenever Thrax attacks.  The bonus is that you also get a hard +1/+1 counter on Thrax every time a player sacs a creature as well.

This is the most difficult of the five Commander 2013 decks to get your paws on.  Even when stores had protected themselves on a product rush by jacking the price two or three times the suggested retail price, players still had no problem willing to pay.  Why?  A few reasons but foremost is True-Name Nemesis, a very powerful merfolk creature spell which a lot of Legacy players want - this will go as a single for about 40 or 45 bucks some places.  Balefule Strix, a reprint from Planechase also commands a price of 15 to 20 clams.  Another card of interest is Strategic Planning from Portal Three Kindoms, which original cards are going for $30 although the price is dropping as a result of the commander and recent Modern Masters reprinting.

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