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Theros Block Speculation

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

A very interesting post over on the mothersite today - if you've not yet have had a chance to look, click on over.  WotC TJ posted to the Magic Arcana the 'title images' of each of the sets in the current Magic: the Gathering block - Theros, Born of the Gods, and Journey into Nyx.  We have of course seen the Theros art with Elspeth, sun's Champion standing in triumph over a slain hydra and have even seen stylized hints of the other arts on the Hero's Path website but not yet seen them in full - which affords us an opportunity to generate some almost-baseless speculation.  For the Planeswalker Guide to Theros, check out the Magic Creative Team's articles here.  Let's have at it now . . .
First up - the title art for Theros.

Nothing new - Elspeth, now on Theros is true to form and fights for the humans inhabiting this plane against the many monsters.  A forge with her and Heliod, god of the Sun now emerges.

Second - the next set 'Born of the Gods' with this title art. 

We can clearly see that the Planeswalker Xenagos from the previous Theros set has a major role to play.  As Xenagos already has received a card, we should expect cards indicating a theme of his (or his 'faction'?) evolution.  This art suggests that Xenagos has supplanted Purphoros and possibly a bleeding through of Nyx (the realm of the gods) in to the corporeal plan.

Third - the title art for the final set 'Journey into Nyx'

From this image, we see the full extent of the corruption of being that was Xenagos.  Super Xenagos, holding his lyre-spear-staff thingy is about to engage in a confrontation with two well-known Planeswalkers - Elspeth and Ajani.  In the background to the left are battle banners of forces but whether this army is marching against or for Xenagos is unknown. Below this final battle are ruins of temples of which Erebos, god of the Underworld suggests has been, like Purphoros, defeated by super Xenagos.

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