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Commander 2013 Power Hungry

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps, 

We have for you today part two of five separate articles we are doing on the new Commander 2013 decks just recently released by WotC to a very welcoming Magic: the Gathering fan base.  Each of these new Commander pre-constructed decks provides a ready to play stack of 100 cards including a choice of three legendary creatures to act as your general which may be also represented by an oversized foil card.  The card list is a solid foundation which you can easily adjust to taste - we'll likely throw a few of our nostalgic favourites we've picked up from MTG Mint Card into the original mix. 

The is the overview / review for Commander 2013's 'Evasive Maneuvers' deck and we've prepared a video with our good friend Jon from 'Command Tower' on Tumblr.  

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Here is the Commander 2013 'Jund' (black / red / green) deck and although it may not be as sought-after as the Mind Seize deck, we just love the decklist here.  Let's get into the three Commanders or Generals available to you -

Prossh, Skyraider of Kher
Costing  three colorless mana and a 'Jund' (black/red/green), Prossh is a solid 5/5 flyer with two other very cool abilities.  When you cast this legendary dragon you get a number of 0/1 Kobold creature tokens equal to what it cost you to cast Prosh - this of course gets bigger with the commander tax as you recast it from the command zone.  Perfect for a build with a theme of creature sacrifice for an effect.  Prossh also provides a sac outlet which will pump him +0/1.

Shattergang Brothers
A goblin artificer here costing one colorless and a 'Jund' to give you a 3/3 body with three very relevant abilities in this build.  Each ability costs three mana and requires a sacrifice.  For two and a black you sac a creature to force each other opponent to sac a creature.  Likewise, two and a red with an artifact sac or two and a green with an enchantment sac will cause your opponents to sac in a similar fashion.  Very solid.

Sek'Kuar, Deathkeeper
This is a Coldsnap reprint.  For two and a 'Jund', you net a 4/3 legendary Orc Shaman.  The ability here is rather potent - Whenever you have one of your non-token creatures dies, you gain a 3/1 black & red Graveborn creature token.  If you were about to ask whether a sacrificed (or even 'devour') creature does count as dying, then yes, so sac away and reap the benefits of yet another token which can feed into your strategy here.
Like we mentioned, this may very well be one favorite of the five Commander 2013 decks.  There are a good number of cards such as Stronghold Assassin which provides an opportunity to sac for a powerful effect or cards such as Stalking Vengeance to transpose a sacrifice into direct damage to your opponent.  All-in-all - two thumbs up on this very solid decklist.

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