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UPR Deck Box

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Now that we have our Magic 2014 pre-orders from MTG Mint Card, we will shortly get to some new standard and modern constructed ideas we have but not until we have a few Friday Night Magic events to test these.  For today's post, we wanted to yatter about a new deck storage box we're sure that gamers will be interested in.

We first told you about the new Ultra PRO 3-Compartment Pro-Tower Black Deck Box on our sister site MTG Realm on Tumblr a few weeks ago and thought it so very cool, we went ahead and  grabbed one of these.

The box features :
• 25 Oversized Planechase or Commander cards
• Bottom Tray for 80 sleeved cards or Dice
• Top Tray 100+ sleeved cards
• Mag-Snap closure

Anywhoos - here's a short video tour of this - 

The Pro-Tower deck box is designed with swinging front door which has room to accommodate up to 25 over-sized sleeved cards like your General's card for Commander / EDH or Planechase cards if you play that format. Inside, the bottom tray is designed hold all your dice, tokens, or 80 sleeved cards laying flat.  


You can use the attached ribbon to easily lift the cards out - or like us,  simply secure a petit sachet of potpourri.  The top compartment can hold 100+ sleeved cards.  Top flap closes the entire thing with a magnetic button.  The material appears to be a plasticized fiber and durable.  We'll be using this when we go gaming and will report back as to how this new Ultra PRO box works for us, but for now, we're going to give it two thumbs up.

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