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Magic 2014 Intro Pack

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

For today's post, we wanted to get along to a review of a Magic 2014 Intro Pack.  These preconstructed theme decks are possibly the best way to get into Magic: the Gathering if you are new to the game, or if your more seasoned, a lot of players we know battle each other with Intro Packs which makes for a lot a fun as Wizards of the Coast makes all efforts to attempt to balance the power of these decks.

MTG Realm grabbed a new Magic: the Gathering Magic 2014 core set Intro Pack and a handful of M14 booster packs for this brief unboxing and review.

For a MRSP of only $15, here's what you get -

• Premium foil card
• A full 60 card deck
Two M14 booster packs
• Learn to play insert
• Strategy guide

We got the M14 'Lightforce' Intro Pack (white / green just happen to our fav colours) - Here's some descriptive text off the box -

Wield the power of light, booster your creatures with powerful enchantments.  If your opponents don't crumble under the first wave of your assault, they'll be primed for defeat when your larger beasts hit the battlefield.
With enchantments being hinted as being a thingy in 'Theros', the next set  this fall, we're certain to be well prepared to modify and take this Intro Pack to the next level.


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