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Happy Sunday MTG peeps,

We're back from a weekend in London (Ontario, Canada-Land) where we got in a lot of good gamery.  RSTomp and RetroTech hooked up with some friends with some casual kitchen table while yours truly, CopySix, went where a lot of Magic: the Gathering players go on a Friday evening - L.A. Mood Comics and Games right downtown.

We came to game at the Friday Night Magic event where about 20 players were taking part in the FNM standard event an another 16 in a Modern Masters draft and block draft, all organized by the friendly 'n' resourceful David Cummings.

In round one, we played against Duncan who was running a super fast Red Deck was running circles around my Bant hexproof and finished with two wins for Duncan.  

In round two Darren had brought a Rakdos party and the games were tight with Darren squeaking out a third game win.  The DCI Reporter software probably felt sorry for me and gave me a third round bye.  All in all, a ton of fun and MTG Realm brought a bunch of some very lovely Ultra PRO sleeves with random draws between rounds.

Some players we yattered to around the room was Mark, the youngest player that night at 13 years old as well as epic-mustache Matt, a long time player and associate at the LA Mood who was rocking at the Modern Masters draft table.  In summary, a great night of MTG with a great group of gamers, so drop by, pick up your geekery of choice upstairs whether it's a TCG, minis or comics, and then drop in downstairs where there's always a game ready to be played.


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