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M14 Favs

Happy Saturday MTG peeps,

We are finally at last out of the wilds of northern Ontario which is a complete and utter WiFi desert - or at least where we were.  We were harassed by raccoons, saw a bear, and played a lot of Magic: the Gathering - analog that is - the old fashioned way.

Anywhoos - we were rather sore about missing both the PreRelease and FNM launch of Magic 2014 but we are now back with a bang.  We have our MTG Mint Card pre-orders rapidly winging it's way to us, picked up some extra Ultra PRO sleeves and boxes and are now ready to fully absorb the new set.  To catch up, we dropped by our fav card shop, OMG! Games here in central Ontario, Canada-Land and yattered co-owner SeƱor Ricardo about notable new cards in the set - Let's have a looky-loo at the vid now -
Here's the short list of some of our new fav cards :


• Archangel of Thune
This essentially makes all your critters an Ajani Pridemate

• Kalonian Hydra
No fertilizer needed - this monster grows to an incredible size.


• Garruk, Caller of Beasts
Could be a star in a creature-based EDH / Commander build.

• Chandra Pyromaster
Almost certainly to be played by red mages in multiple formats - who doesn't like card draw in RDW?



• Sanguine Bond

Old fan favorite - you gain, they loose.

• Congregate
Sooo nostalgic - Loved it in Urza's Saga, love it now.  

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