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M14 Fav Non-Rares

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

For today's post, we wanted to yatter a bit about our favourite non-rare cards from the latest Magic: the Gathering set, Magic 2014.  If you are new to this great game, here's the low-down - Each year, Wizards of the Coast publishes a Core Set. There is a blend of new cards as well as a few returning favorites.  For players who love to brew up new ideas and strategies, this may very well be the best time of year as it contains the largest set of cards with which to build until the fall rotation.

As is our custom here at MTG Realm, we've picked up from MTG Mint Card, a 4x Uncommon and Common set.  As there is 101 commons and 60 uncommons, that's a grand total of 644 cards - and for just $42.99 - not to shabby!  Here's our video run down of our play group's Top Five favorite M14 commons and uncommons (weighted for constructed play).  Mind you, this may not reflect one could expect to see these in a decklist at a professional level tournament - these are just what we liked at our kitchen table.  

Favorite Uncommons
#5 - Sentinel Sliver
#4 - Striking Sliver
#3 - Predatory Sliver
#2 - Elvish Mystic
#1 - Shadowborn Apostle

Favourite Commons
#5 - Doom Blade
#4 - Kalonian Tusker
#3 - Panisher Preist
#2 - Manaweft Sliver
#1 - Young Pyromancer

We had a tough time to reach a consensus with these lists - the only two 'shoo - ins' were Elvish Mystic and Young Pyromancer.  Oddly enough when the dust settled, we were surprised how many Slivers made it onto the list - odd we say as only one out of the four of us here at MTG Realm is even thinking about building a Sliver deck.


Tomsche said...

I think you did a switcheroo on the common and uncommon list names :-)

Anonymous said...

Panisher Preist ftw :D