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Theros Spoiler

Happy Saturday MTG peeps,

This evening post is meant to catch up with all the Theros news and spoilers from PAX Australia and San Diego Comic Con, all compiled in one spot for your convenience.  Theros is the next large Magic: the Gathering set to be release by Wizards of the Coast in late September, 2013.

Here's the summary along with a buffet of amazing new arts you could expect . . .
Theros Block
• Greek mythology based.
• Theros is a large set, Born of the Gods is small, Journey into Nyx is small. Classic draft format.
• Theros block has an enchantment theme supported by M14.
• Not just "enchantment matters". Game play needs to part of the set. Found a way to take enchantments and bring gods to life.

• five gods which adhere to the color wheel: Heliod (white), Erebos (black), Nylea is the god of the hunt (green) shown in that order below.

 • Another theme of Theros will be Heroes
• What is the mood and tone of Greek myth? Adventure, achievement, accomplishment. Hero's journey.
• Monsters are another theme. Heroes need something to fight.
• If you like Minotaurs this set is for you.
• Polukranos, Worldeater (Mythic Hydra)
• Three new mechanics. One for the Heroes, Monsters, and Gods. Five total mechanics in Theros. Including something people have been asking for

• Also Gorgons, Hydras
• There will be a handful of gold cards but it is NOT a gold set.
• There is a Future shifted card in Theros.

• Three Planeswalkers; one of which is Elspeth with two new ones.
 • Story: Elspeth doesn't want to be a hero. Elspeth does not believe she will be called on to be a leader in a world of gods. Gods can take multiple forms and walk among mortals.
• Theros is very dangerous land outside of the cities. Elspeth will fight a Hydra which attracts attention of Heliod.


• Gods live in Nyx.  Nyx is the night sky, and also the home of the pantheon of Gods.
• Three major walled cities. Meletis, Akris, Setessa (shown in that order below).

 • Confirmed at the SDCC Panel are God cards for each color with a mechanic also titled God. These cards will have a different border from regular cards.
• Minotaurs are the rampaging savages of Theros.
• Krakens were added because the film "Clash of the Titans" changed the public perception.
• Many existing creature types will be getting reworked to match the Greek flavor.
• No elves on Theros! Green's races will be Centaurs and Satyrs.
• Thassa is the goddess of the sea. Image attached.

Thero PreRelease
• Theros will have pre-release packs, similar to the Return to Ravnica block guild packs! You will pick your color, and receive a pre•release pack of that color.
• Complete the nine quests on the Hero's Path to earn Hero cards to use at Game Day.
• Both "Born of the Gods" and "Journey into Nyx" will feature similar Pre•Release, Release, and Game Day events.
• Prerelease activities: a Hero's Pack for Theros that will continue through whole block.
• Bringing back Prerelease packs.
• Players will get Hero cards in their prerelease packs.
• Hero cards act like a Vanguard.
• The hero cards not have Magic backs and do not go into the deck.
• Quest 1 is Choose a Path.
• Second step is at the Release weekend. Get a second hero card. 

Here's the round-up of new Theros card arts - we already want to pre-order the full set from MTG Mint Card . . .







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