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Magic 2014 PreRelease

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Around the world, Magic: the Gathering fans are planning to head off to their local gaming store and participate in the Magic 2014 PreRelease event.  Likewise, most players are also set to finalize their MTG singles pre-orders now that the full set has now been previewed.  Drop by MTG Mint Card to get your order in.  

Unfortunately we here at MTG Realm are heading off to the great Canadian wilderness all next week which means not only will we be missing the M14 PreRelease but also the Launch during Friday Night Magic at our fav gaming store, OMG! Games here in Barrie.  Speaking of OMG, here's their event schedule this weekend -
Magic 2014 Core Set Pre-Release Date & Times
OMG! Games, 130 Bell Farm Rd  Barrie, ON L4M 6J4, (705) 721-4263

Saturday July 13th
12:00am (Friday Midnight), 10:00 am, 3:00 pm, 7:30 pm

Sunday July 14th
11:00am, 4:00pm (Two-Headed Giant)

Sealed Deck
— Each player receives six boosters of Magic 2014 to use for building a deck.
Two-Headed Giant — Each team receives eight boosters of Magic 2014 for constructing two decks with.

Everyone who plays in a Magic 2014 Prerelease will receive a Megantic Sliver promo foil card, while supplies last. This card will not be playable in your Prerelease deck.

Magic 2014 Core Set Prerelease Promo - Attend the M14 PreRelease and you’ll score that lovely Megantic Sliver foil promo.  Prerelease Events take place July 13-14, 2013.  
Original art by Ryan Barger with Promo art from Lucas Graciano.
Cost & Prizes - $35 For all regular sealed events

Prizes :
4-0 record receive 14 packs Magic 2014
3-0-1 record receive 10 packs Magic 2014
3-1 record receive 6 packs Magic 2014

$60 Two Headed Giant ($30/player)
Prizes given out based on attendance.
Beat the Owners in swiss rounds and recieve 2 additional prize packs.

Five Pre-Release Special - $150 enters you in any five events.


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