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NPH Gateway Promos

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

We're certain you are busily reviewing and evaluating all the awesome New Phryexia cards and we will also get to that as well eventually but today we wanted to yatter about some very cool Gateway promos hitting your local gamery store soon. Make sure your store is part of the Wizards Play Network so you can score these.

First up :

Vault Skirge
Artifact Creature - Imp, Common


This is a very DECENT common - A 1/1 flying life-linker for two mana is solid - and a good choice in a sealed pool we think.

Next up -

Maul Splicer 6g
Creature - Human Artificer, Common
When Maul Splicer enters the battlefield, put two 3/3 colorless Golem artifact creature tokens onto the battlefield.
Golem creatures you control have trample.

We are not entirely sold on the Splicer cycle yet in New Phyrexia. Blade Splicer really rocks, and the other splicers provide some good abilities for your Golem army but the green one just seems overpriced - but then again, this is a common and seven power over three creatures is OK - and certainly better when you provide your Golems with trample.

Anywhoos - as we yattered about above, stick around and we promise to get to some reviews of this excellent new set.


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