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New Phyrexia Videos

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

It's time again in the spoiler season (albeit severely truncated) for Magic the Gathering fans to gather 'round the tube and take in the tradional and customary videos put together by Wizards of the Coast ahead of the release of their newest set, New Phyrexia. So, if you can tear yourself away from the media frenzy covering William and Kates royal wedding or (to a lesser extent) the Canadian Federal election, kick off yer boots, put yer dawgs up and take in these New Phyrexia Planeswalker primer videos . . .

Stick around after the vids - we've got vid-caps of all of the upcoming New Phyexia promo cards.

New Phyrexia Overview

New Phyrexia - Phyrexian Mana

New Phyrexia Chancellors

Take a look inside New Phyrexia, the new Magic: The Gathering expansion that goes on sale May 13. You can get a sneak peek at the cards May 7-8 at Prereleases around the world. Go to to find a Prerelease near you. The Phyrexians may have conquered the plane of Mirrodin, but that's not the end of the story.

Prerelease Events (Sheoldred) - May 7-8, 2011, and
Launch Parties (Phyrexian Metamorph) - May 13-16, 2011

Game Day June 11-12, 2011

All Participants score the mana-crazd Priest of Urabrask while Top 8 players win a very cool Myr-Zilla. Odd how these cards kinda go together.

Finally, just a word about keeping your finger on the pulse of new tech which always comes out with a new set.

We had been attempting to maintain a diligent watch over all new cards spoiled and previewed, altough this was a bit more difficult this season. One thing we did notice was just how nicely the Rise of the Eldrazi rare, Splinter Twin plays nicely with the freshly arrived Deceiver Exarch (as well as others) from New Phyrexia. To this end, we ensured we picked up a deckset from the folks over at MTG Mint Card when they were at $1.39 - have you checked out the price lately - yep - it's about $8.49 now.

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