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New Phyrexia Buy-A-Box

Today on Magic Arcana, Wizards revealed the 'buy a box promo' card for the upcoming Magic the Gathering New Phyrexia set. This promotions is provided to the first 20 people purchasing a Booster Box (one booster box contains 36 booster packs). The New Phyrexia box promo is a foil alternate-art Surgical Extraction.

We can now add this card to that slew of Japanese spoilers previously (post here) and others bringing up the count to 24/175. Let's have a look . . .

Surgical Extraction,

Instant, Rare
Ф can be paid with either {B} or 2 life.)

Choose target card in a graveyard other than a basic land card. Search its owner's graveyard, hand, and library for all cards with the same name as that card and exile them. Then that player shuffles his or her library.

In future posts,
Ф Ф Ф Ф Ф may sometimes be shown as {pw}, {pu}, {pb}, {pr}, or {pg}posts.
WoTC Monty also provided some excerpts on phyrexian mana from the yet to be released New Phyrexia FAQ document.

New Mechanic: Phyrexian Mana Symbols

Under Phyrexian rule, the very nature of magic is changing. In some cases, blood works just as well as mana. Phyrexian mana allows players to cast spells and activate abilities with fewer mana and to ignore colored mana requirements.

Visually, each Phyrexian mana symbol looks like the Phyrexian insignia (a circle with a slash through it) on one of five colored backgrounds, each corresponding to one of the five colors of mana. Each Phyrexian mana symbol represents a cost that can be paid in two ways: by spending one mana of the color that matches the colored background or by paying 2 life. For example, {G/P} can be paid with either {G} or 2 life. It's a green mana symbol.
  • Phyrexian mana symbols appear only in costs, such as the mana cost in the upper right corner of a card or the cost to activate an activated ability.
  • A card with Phyrexian mana symbols in its mana cost is each color that appears in that mana cost, regardless of how that cost may have been paid. For example, the Surgical Extraction above is black, even if a player paid 2 life to cast it.
  • To calculate the converted mana cost of a card with Phyrexian mana symbols in its cost, count each Phyrexian mana symbol as 1.
  • As you cast a spell or activate an activated ability with one or more Phyrexian mana symbols in its cost, you choose how to pay for each Phyrexian mana symbol at the same time you would choose modes or choose a value for X.
  • If you're at 1 life or less, you can't pay 2 life.
  • Phyrexian mana is not a new color. Players can't add Phyrexian mana to their mana pools.
Lastly, some news from our friends at MTG Mint Card - New Phyrexia assorted card lots are now available for pre-order. We have for some time been ordering the card lots as it is an fast, efficient and inexpensive way to get your collection together and start playing with all the new awesomeness.

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