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Commander Packaging

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

We are taking a quick break from our review of the recent New Phyrexia spoilers to look at some really cool Commander previews posted on the Mothership today. Each of the 5 Commander decks (formerly Elder Dragon Highlander) is supplied with three oversized foil legends shown in each of the Commander product packaging preview which may be used as your 'General' in addition to the same normal sized copy within the deck.
Have a look back at our previous posts here and here to familiarise and bring yourself up to speed. This is an exciting game format and we personally know quite a few players thinking of getting into Commander for the first time or if they already play collecting one or more of these.

Let's have a look at what's in WoTC Monty's preview bag . . . NOTE - cards mentioned below are speculation - wait for the official confirmation from Wizards.

Heavenly Inferno //

Heavenly Inferno appears to be supplying some flyer. We can make out a Casilla of the Vast (?), and unknown, and Oros, the Avenger.

Mirror Mastery //

Mirror Mastery looks to be packing a Mages of Two Reflections (?), and unknown and Intet, the Dreamer.

Counterpunch //

This one we hope we have all the names for - they are Ghave, Guru of the Spores, Karandor, Ghost Chieftain, and Teneb, the Harvester.

Political Puppets //

Interesting name here - it looks like we have a Geataruu the Greathearted (Minotaur Monk?!? FTW), and unknown, and Numot, the Devastator.

Devour for Power //

This bad boy has The Mimeoplasm, and unknown, and Vorosh, the Hunter.

And some vital info from the mothership . . .

Commander is the new official title for what was previously known as Elder Dragon Highlander, a casual fan-made and maintained format that has been around for many years. While the format will still be maintained and controlled by the players, Wizards will be releasing 5 Commander decks that will include some older commons and uncommons that, while not particularly valuable, are harder to find due to their age. In addition, 51 new Eternal format legal cards will be included among the 5 decks. The set will be released on June 17, 2011 and each deck will retail for $29.95. The deck comes with the three oversized foil cards IN ADDITION TO the normal-sized version in the actual deck. Commander will continue Wizard's "Summer of Multiplayer" theme, following up on 2010's Archenemy and 2009's Planechase.

Thinking of playing Commander (EDH) - For game rules, drop by this website.

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