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Friday Miscellanea

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Congratulations to you surviving the week. Your reward - the weekend. To kick things off right, we suggest you head on out and take in a Friday Night Magic event at a gamery store near you. Good luck, win that epic game, sling those bombtastic cards and have fun.

Today, being Friday is our chance here at MTG Realm to round up loose pieces of Magic the Gathering news, spoilers and previews - yep, another pot pourri post. Let's go . .

We suggest you frequently check out the Mirrodin Site for updates as chances are there is a New Phyrexia preview lurking in the wasteland or catch up on the flavour / storyline side by reviewing a field note. Today - check out this new desktop wallpaper.

Unwinding Clock Wallpaper


"To survive the Phyrexian plague, the Mirran resistance needs every advantage it can get. It makes no difference whether it comes from planeswalkers, angels, or even strange artifacts found in piles of scrap. We don't ask for reasons behind the blessings we receive; we accept them gracefully, and use them as best we can." - Elspeth


Next up, Trick from ManaNation posted the newest offering of Ultra Pro card sleeves and deckboxes.

9 pocket card portfolio to house your trade bait featuring Sheoldred, the Whispering One on the front and Puresteel Paladin on the back.

Ultra Pro deck sideload deckbox (left) and sleeves featuring New Phyrexia baddy Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite.

Next up, WoTC minion Doug Beyer had previewed some unseen New Phyrexia arts on his Savour the Flavour article title, 'A Planeswalker's Guide to New Phyrexia, Part 1', which means we can expect s'more next week perhaps.

Illustrations by Brad Rigney (left) and James Paick (right). We're thinking a sorcery and a wall here.

Illustrations by Min Yum (left) and Raymond Swanland (right). Appears that the Leonin on the left has a touch of phyrexian plague he should see his physician about and the white phyrexian cenobite on the right just has no manner of luck whatsoever in securing a manicurist.


Just and note about the recent Commander (EDH) product packaging previewed here earlier on Wednesday. Only after we had a chance to review the post again did we notice that each of the five Commander decks featured the cycle of Legendary Dragons from the old Planar Chaos set.

Each of these rare legendary Dragons has a mana cost of '3CDE' (where D and E are the enemy colors of C), flying, a triggered ability with a cost of 2C that triggers on dealing combat damage to a player, and power/toughness of 6/6 — Oros, the Avenger; Intet, the Dreamer; Teneb, the Harvester; Numot, the Devastator; and Vorosh, the Hunter.

Lastly, some news from our friends at MTG Mint Card - New Phyrexia assorted card lots are now available for pre-order. We have for some time been ordering the card lots as it is an fast, efficient and inexpensive way to get your collection together and start playing with all the new awesomeness.

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Tezrael said...

that one you think is a wall is already dubbed as "Norn's Annex"

and it's an enchantment/artfiact that is similar to ghostly prison