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NPH Promo Round-Up

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Wizards previewed the New Phyrexia promo cards forthe Pre-Release and Release Events today on Magic Arcana (Thanks Monty!) and we've noticed that perhaps our readership would be better served by rounding up all the Magic the Gathering promotional cards for the New Phyrexia set in one place / one post. To this end, we've taken a shovel and flashlight and headed out to the MTG Realm blog archive and dug up previous posts and arranged the grisly finds in one convenient post.

Alternate art foil promos are shown to the left and the normal card to the right.

Suture Priest / Pristine Talisman
Mirrodin Besieged Game Day

March 5 / 6, 2011

Alternate art foil promos are shown to the left and the normal card to the right. Note that some of the cards have yet to be previewed in English.

Surgical Extraction
New Phyrexia "buy-a-box" promo card
May 13, 011

Sheoldred, Whispering One
New Phyrexia Prerelease
May 7-8, 2011

Phyrexian Metamorph
New Phyrexia Launch Party
May 13-16, 2011

The 'normal' version of this card has not yet been spoiled / prevewed.

As Phyrexian Metamorph has been the only card not yet previewed / spoiled until today, let's yatter about it now. Personally, we are not big fans of Clone cards but perhaps that was due mainly in part to restricting most clone like cards to blue. That has changed of course with the new Phyrexian mana or 'Phybrid' mana as some players are calling it. For three of any colour and two life, any player with any colour deck can drop it into their game. Instead of copying another player's artifact or creature and then trade paint, we are thinking about using this alongside with Grand Architect or perhaps another blue build with fatties.

That's it for now, remember to visit our text spoiler page which we will endeavour to keep up to date. Happy Gaming!

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