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New Phyrexia Arts

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

We have for you today a large volume of New Phyrexia art spoilers. Wizards of the Coast, have through their contracted artists, outdone themselves yet again. Some of the following images have been previewed before but most appears new / unseen. Images were provided via an anonymous comment to the blog with links to a Russian (?) image hosting site.

Magic the Gathering players we're sure are looking very much forward to getting the final cards featuring these beautiful arts onto cards and then onto game tables when this latest set is released during Pre-Releases scheduled May 7-8 and Release events scheduled May 13th, 2011.

Without further drivel from us, let's have a look . . .

Lastly, some news from our friends at MTG Mint Card - New Phyrexia assorted card lots are now available for pre-order. We have for some time been ordering the card lots as it is an fast, efficient and inexpensive way to get your collection together and start playing with all the new awesomeness.


Mikael said...

God, I love the art of Magic the Gathering. Incredible!

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Anonymous said...

Is it me or the first and fourth art spoilers look like twisted versions of the artifact lands Seat of the Synod and Vault of Whispers?