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Action Packed

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

WoTC Monty previewed some very interesting Magic the Gathering product mock-ups today on Magic Arcana. Fans of the game were shown Intro Pack, Booster pack and Fat pack packaging images for the upcoming set code-named 'Action' due to released 13th May, 2011.

The Wizards marketing folks are still being very secretive as to whether the 3rd and final set in the Scars of Mirrodin block with be either Mirrodin Pure or New Phyrexia and following through with this line of strategy have provided images for both products.

Let's have a look . . .

Featured prominently on the Mirrodin Pure is the card art for what is speculated to be Darksteel Angel. This, as well as the other arts featured on the packaging are most likely to find their ways onto cards but most players speculate that Mirrodin Pure will never happen. Some supporters of this theory point out the Mirrodin Pure product mock-up of the Intro Pack display box confirm this as it is improperly coloured - there are four u/g packs where there should be an equal representation of the five different Intro Packs.

As for the New Phyrexia packaging images, we've seen that Phyrexian art before featured on the Intro Pack display as well as the Booster Box. The art on the Fat Pack is definitely kicking it for us. We're imaging some more evil and sinister version of Wurmcoil Engine with this illustration. Booster pack images show Suture Priest and two other unknown images. The Intro Pack display shows correct colour distribution of two of each of the five different Intro Packs.

For additional product details, re-visit our previous post HERE and review the 'Action' Sales Solicitation document.

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Nuss said...

Wasn't i said by WOTC that only four intro packs are released per set with release of MBS?