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Faction Action Part 2

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

We are still short one mailing from Hong Kong containing pre-orders but we won't fret as we feel we could still squeak off a decent deck for the upcoming Mirrdoin Besieged Game Day. One or two extras cards purchased from the local game store as well as some trading during Friday Night Magic and we should be in fine form for this weekend's tournament.

Anywhoos - let's get to business . . .

We strongly suggest that you review our post about Game Day (HERE) from last month. Essentially, participants must play with a faction aligned deck on Mirrodin Besieged game day. A faction aligned deck must include at least ten cards featuring the Mirran or Phyrexian watermark and NO cards containing the opposing watermark - that is if you want to score some extra promo card prizes, otherwise just ignore this. For example a deck containing ten Phyrexian watermarked cards from Scars of Mirrodin and Mirrodin Besieged and a variety of other standard legal cards would be a Phyrexian aligned deck as long as it contains no cards with the Mirran watermark.

Here is a suggested serving for a Phyrexian aligned deck (look to yesterday's post to see a Mirran deck) -

37 spells
2 x Contagion Engine
2 x Skittles, the Blight Dragon
3 x Black Sun's Zenith
4 x Hand of the Praetors
3 x Phyrexian Crusader
3 x Plague Rats
4 x Sign in Blood
4 x Plague Stinger
3 x Necropede
3 x Plague Myr
3 x Disentomb
3 x Duress

We do not yet have a sideboard for this but do have some cards we're looking at - namely Phyrexian Revoker and the ilk. The build is OK and has tested not too badly, the problem is, it's just boring as all heck - not to say that infect or poison is boring, just this build. We are thinking of jazzing things up with some blue control perhaps. Almost all Phyrexian builds stampede towards one goal - poison - it's kinda like having a waffle with no butter or syrup on it. This line of thinking makes us ponder whether Phryexians even like waffles.

Anywhoos - let's get to the cards here . . .

Contagion Engine is the only proliferate in the main board right now - don't worry, there's some Contagion Clasp in the sideboard. Next up is Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon - This is an infect fatty which, if it sticks to the table, should make the other players nervous. His best buddy is Mr. Crowhead-thingy on Hand of the Praetors. The deck needs to cast a lot of infect spells and will of course take advantage of this with Pretzl Hand.

Phyrexian Crusader is one of my new fav cards in the set at the moment, right behind Mirran Crusader and we are contemplating a black 'n' white Knight build. Anyshoos - One critter we've come to appreciate is Plague rats which hands out delicious poison counters to all players in the game - yeah - including yourself but in our experience, we were always able to follow up with some proliferate on this line.

An infect creature with evasion is vital and we have it with Plague Stinger. We've also come to appreciate being able to ping with Necropede. One of the latest editions to the build is Plague Myr which was added to provide utility as a mana-dork and a blocker.

Wrapping up we have Duress to mess with our opponent, some Disentomb to recycle our critters form the graveyard to play them again (we think this card superior to Corpse Cur), and Sign in Blood which will provide some much needed card advantage - more cards in hand equals better options at any stage in the game.

So -
We want to know if you are going to Mirrodin Besieged Game Day and if so, what will you be bringing along to game with. Drop us a comment in the form thingy at the bottom of today's post. Don't have a standard format Deck ? - Don't worry - there are Mirrodin Besieged Event decks available for purchase at your store.

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