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Mirrodin Besiege Tokens

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

The other day we had posted some thoughts on a casual standard environment Green / White token deck which would make for some good play and great games. To that end, we hit the books to determine which token generators were decent and worth evaluating. To our horror after some searching we found our earlier article on Scars of Mirrodin tokens, as well as Magic 2011 tokens, but no Mirrodin Besieged token post. We think it was overlooked in the rush to wrap up the last of the spoilers.

Anywhoos, our apologies and here is the missing post. In our opinion, there will always be a token deck popular with casual players like us and as long as Eldrazi Monument is still in standard, perhaps a few on the pro tour circuit.

2/2 white Cat tokens via White Sun's Zenith

0/0 black Germ tokens via Bonehoard, Flayer Husk, Mortarpod, Skinwing, and Strandwalker

9/9 artifact Golem token via Titan Forge

*/* colourless Horror token via Phyrexian Rebirth

1/1 colourless Myr artifact via Master's Call, Myr Sire, and Myr Turbine

1/1 white Soldier token via Hero of Bladehold

1/1 colorless Thopter artifact via Thopter Assembly

2/2 black Zombie via Nested Ghoul

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chris said...

hey just checked out your blog its really cool. i just started a blog i am new at this. me and my friends like magic and i will be checking out your blog.