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SoM PreRelease

We hope that you had a blast at the Scars of Mirrodin PreRelease this weekend if you had a chance to attend. The event we attended at the local games store (OMG Games & Collectibles here in Barrie, Ontario, Canada) had a full forty players and four rounds of fun cracking open new cards.

From what we saw, there was a lot of players collecting poison counters, which was also a theme in the sealed 40-card deck we built as well. We went 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss - drop a comment and tell us how you did or what cool plays you saw.

Right now, let's have a look at the brief vid we took . . .

- Pulls -
Rares : Sunblast Angel, Hoard Smetler Dragon, Purtifax, Chimeric Mass, Myr Propagator, Blackcleave Cliffs

Uncommons : Dispense Justice, Razor Hippogriff, Riddlesmith, Flesh Allergy, Ichor Rats, Exsanguinate, Painsmith, Acid WEb Spider, Slice in Twain, Viridian Revel, Barbed Battlegear, 2 x Contagion Clasp, Culling Dais, Golem Artisan, Golem's Heart (foil), Infiltration Lens, Myr Galvanizer, Rusted Relic

What worked very well in the sealed build -

2 x Ichorclaw Myr
2 x Contagion Clasp
1 x Corpse Cur
1 x Putrefax

Anywhos -
Hollar out and drop us a comment about your prerelease - what awesome pulls did you see, what great combos / synergies did you witness, etc.


Daniel said...

I attended the pre-release at The Legendary Lotus in Orange, Califonia. Even though I went 2-2 drop, I believe that I actually won.

Mythic - Koth of the Hammer!!, Venser, the Sojourner!!

Rares - Argernt Sphinx, Leonin Arbiter, Memoricide, Spikeshot Elder

Phillip said...

I wasn't able to make the pre-release event at my local store, but I'll be at the release on Friday. I'm completely stoked about it! Can't wait for it to get here! Also...TWO Planeswalkers? Seriously? That's just sick. Granted, a guy at the store I go to bought a Fat Pack of Worldwake back when it released and got three Jaces out of it. One of them foil. That was completely unfair...

Jeff @ Play It Game Center said...

I ha some pretty good pulls when playing at Play It Game Center ( today. Biggest was Argentium Armor. That card just does very nasty things when combined with an unblockable creature.

Anonymous said...

I also went BG infect at my pre-release, but the most memorable moment was in match five, game three. My opponent was sitting at seven poison counters. I had two infecters out (blight mamba and ichor rats) and a mana myr. I had darksteel axe and bladed pinions out, equipped to the rats. I swing with the rats, he plays dispense justice. My next turn, equip the two to blight mamba, swing, another dispense justice that he topdecked. At this point in time, my opponent has let out a sigh of relief. But all this time I've had a Tainted Strike in my hand. So my next turn I equip the myr up with everything and swing. His response is, "okay." I play the Tainted strike and his eyes go wide. He was quite impressed.

Rapture said...

I pulled 2 skythrix, the 3bb infect dragons, and a painful quandry.

so i played black :P

then i pulled a kemba and 3 of those white sorcery's that exile artifacts or enchantments

i went 4-2 (6 swiss rounds) and finished 9th out of 60 :/

Anonymous said...

I went to the Prerelease at Amsterdam. It was awesome; Sunday I pulled a nice Tempered Steel, and I'm happy with my foil mythic: Indomitable Archangel. I scored 13 points (4/1/1) not bad for my first prerelease, huh? :-)