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Scars Mirrodin MiniSite

As promised by the WoTC yesterday, the Scars of Mirrodin MiniSite is now up. This is the spot where gamers just like you can get all the juicy information on just how awesome this upcoming set will be. There is PreRelease information, Mechanics / keyword abilities, Product Information, the popular Visual spoiler of course and something new and very cool - another site completely dedicated to exploring the flavour and art of Mirrodin / Mirran where one could 'follow the war'.

Also of note -

Some very lovely arts on the basic lands for this set in the traditional panorama style . . .

And finally -

some very cool Ultra-Pro products from MTG Mint Card in which to sleeve, box and show off your favourite cards featuring arts from the new set. (We suspect we do better and win more games with all the pimped accessories).

Check back soon y'awl ! S'more Scars of Mirrodin goodness on the way.


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