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Scars - Mana Myr

Happy Thursday to everyone,

Some interesting Magic the Gathering news from MTGS user cr0wley25 who had precipitately picked up his sparkling new Duel Decks: Elspeth Vs. Tezzeret product last night two days ahead of it's scheduled release.

When reviewing the contents, he had taken particular note of deck contents insert. We had now known the full DD: EvT decklist for a full week now but it appears that we have another Scars of Mirrodin spoiler on our hand which should make players happy. Remember - these should be considered unconfirmed rumours until officially previewed by Wizards.

Say hello and welcome back to the Mana Myr cycle . . .

Mana Myr:
Each of these common myr artifact creatures costs 2 colourless mana and has a mana ability in which they tap, and which produce a colour-appropriate mana. Each represents a zone of Mirrodin corresponding to the color. Each was illustrated by Kev Walker.

If you, like us, did not play with these, quick course on Myr in the Magic storyline -

Myr are the metal automatons created by Memnarch that are found all over Mirrodin. They are considered disposable slaves by the mortal races of the plane. However, there is said to be intelligence and emotion behind their sullen, mechanical eyes. Memnarch can see through the eyes of the myr using the Darksteel Eye. There are approximately 20 cards with the Myr subtype.

That's it for now,

If you happen to be heading over to Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) or more importantly the Assault on Mirrodin party, all taking place in Seattle this weekend, we need a reporter to send us updates - pictures, tweets, emails, etc. of all you see and hear - we have no ca$h to get down there but we would provide you with a truck-load of thanks and cred.


Michael said...

I have to say that I'm excited about this. These guys are great with a sunburst mechanic and I hope that this is getting us even closer to that.

Anonymous said...

Myr are cute, and I can't wait to see more; they're pure Mirrodinian. Is that how you would spell it.

And, I'll be at PAX at the party. Just follow my twitter feed (@mtgcolorpie)

Anonymous said...

Was it shown on the deck list that Tezzeret and Elspeth from these duel decks were also from the scars of mirrodin set?

Anonymous said...

If you look at the official Magic The gathering page on facebook, they have just spoiled about 15 cards, one of which is Venser