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SoM Spoiler 7-23

Hello MTG peeps - we now are posting our second Scars of Mirrodin spoiler thanks to folks like Matt Wang and Alender (the GiftsUngiven fella) who attended the San-Diego Comic Con Magic panel in Room 26AB yesterday from 6:30-7:30pm. In attendance were Mark Rosewater, Aaron Forsythe, Brian Tinsman, Richard Whitters (Magic Lead Concept Artist) and others
(as well as some very lucky gamers) to yatter about upcoming products for Magic the Gathering to rock your game table.

Right off the bat, lets get to the anticipated Sword of Body and Mind which will not only be in the premium deck series From the Vaults : Relics, but also in the fall 2010 set, Scars of Mirrodin . . .

Sword of Body and Mind, 3

Artifact - Equipment, Mythic Rare

Whenever equippe creatuer deals combat damgae to a player, you put a 2/2 green wolf creature token onto the battlefield and that player puts the top ten cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.
Equip 2

Dang - that is nice. Here is what we are planning . . . Use Stoneforge Mystic to pull this card out of the deck, then using evasion such as Canopy Cover (or perhaps Whispersilk Cloak) or perhaps Emerge Unscathed to hit home, mill 10 and get my wolf.


Righto - next up . . .

We can expect two Planeswalkers in Scars of Mirrodin - one is be an Elspeth variant and the other one is Koth, so far just a name and image.

The panel also indicated that an old Mirrodin mechanic would be returning. We can only recall three mechanics in the original Mirrodin -> Imprint (This ability found on artifacts allows you to remove a card from the game and "imprint" the attributes of the removed card onto your artifact), Affinity (Spells that are cheaper for the more artifacts you have in play.) and Entwine (Spells that give you two options, or pay an extra cost and do both) and we have already been told that Affinity will not be back.

Hey - time for some random Scars of Mirrodin arts . . .

Also - from one of our fav readers, WRTCHD1 who attended the panel -

* There will be a new version of Elspeth, no abilities specified
* There will be a new Planeswalker by the name of Koth, no color or abilities specified
* Vamps may possibly get a replacement for Nocturnus (tongue in cheek), they will have a bigger presence on Mirrodin now than they did in the past
* The Sunburst mechanic will make a return, along with a new version of Etched Oracle
* The Elspeth vs. Tezzeret DD features new artwork for Honor of the Pure with Elspeth leading an Army
* In addition to Sword of Body and Mind (G/U) there will be another legendary sword, color combo wasn't spoiled but Aaron Forsythe said " Mirrodin had a B/W sword and a R/U sword, Scars has a G/U and a you figure out the rest of the sequence..."
* Mark said this set was his baby and he's really excited. He also spolied that the next expansion set thats going to be released next fall was developed and worked on heavily by Richard Garfield

Very cool indeed - we are so totally looking forward to this set in the fall. Apparently there is another sword in SoM. That's it for now but many thanks to WRTCHD1, Matt Wang and Alexander Shearer (as well as others) for sharing updates from the San-Diego Comic Con.


-=[ RØJØ ]=- said...

maybe they will also use modular and sun burst, oh, and thanx for the spoiler... XD I want that sword!!!

Anonymous said...

Sword of Body and Mind is not a legendary equipment, nor are the other swords in the cycle.