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M11 Price Check 7/21

Good Day and Happy Wednesday MTG Peeps,

We are taking a moment to have a quick look at Magic 2011 singles prices today to ensure that you are making fair trades with your so-called buddies you hang out with at your local game store. Without further adieu, here is the price guide - just remember - these prices are approximate and are subject to change even by the time this post goes live.

Primeval Titan $42.00
Baneslayer Angel $30.00
Grave Titan $26.00
Fauna Shaman $12.00
Time Reversal $9.00
Sun Titan $8.00
Gaea's Revenge $6.25
Garruk Wildspeaker $6.25
Knight Exemplar $6.00
Obstinate Baloth $6.00
Inferno Titan $5.00
Jace Beleren $5.00
Nantuko Shade $5.00
Ajani Goldmane $4.75
Leyline of Anticipation $4.50
Day of Judgment $4.00
Demon of Death's Gate $4.00
Dragonskull Summit $4.00
Glacial Fortress $4.00
Leyline of Sanctity $4.00
Liliana Vess $4.00
Phylactery Lich $4.00
Frost Titan $3.75
Steel Overseer $3.75
Sword of Vengeance $3.75
Birds of Paradise $3.50
Drowned Catacomb $3.50
Dark Tutelage $3.25
Captivating Vampire $3.00
Chandra Nalaar $3.00
Destructive Force $3.00
Elvish Archdruid $3.00
Leyline of the Void $3.00
Rootbound Crag $3.00
Serra Ascendant $3.00
Sunpetal Grove $3.00
Brittle Effigy $2.75
Mystifying Maze $2.75
Mitotic Slime $2.50
Platinum Angel $2.50
Reverberate $2.50
Conundrum Sphinx $2.25
Honor of the Pure $2.25
Leyline of Punishment $2.00
Mass Polymorph $2.00
Redirect $2.00
Temple Bell $2.00

Also of note today, we should mention what awesome promo cards to expect during M11 Game Day which will be taking place August 14-15, 2010 . . .

If ya don't know - Game Day takes place at participating Wizards Play Network locations worldwide one month after the Magic 2011 release. Game Days are the first opportunity to play Standard format on a global scale with the cards from Magic 2011!

All participants receive an exclusive Liliana's Specter promo card (while supplies last). The top 8 players each receive an exclusive full-art Mitotic Slime promo card. The cards are awarded to the Top 8 players even if the tournament cuts only to the top 4. Two Mitotic Slime promo cards will also be awarded as door prizes at each location.

Righto - so make sure you have all the M11 cards you need to construct that deck to make your game awesome - MTG Mint Card has a really decent deal on right now - Magic 2011 Core Set M11 Uncommon & Common Set X4 - check it out here.


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