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M11 Pre-Release

At the last moment, we were able to slip out of a prior engagement and get out to the Magic 2011 Pre-Release tournament. We headed out to our local gaming store, OMG! Games and Collectibles to play the morning tournament. The Event format was four rounds of straight Swiss Sealed Deck where each participant received six packs of M11 to build a 40-card minimum deck. We dropped after the third round to head home to provide you this post and to be alone with our new awesome cards. Don't forget to check out our M11 Spoilers HERE (text) and HERE (visual).

Let's get to the video now ->

Here's what we pulled from our six packs . .

Vengeful Archon, Honor of the Pure, Merfolk Sovereign, Mass Polymorph, Nantuko Shade, and Drowned Catacomb

Armoured Ascension, Roc Egg, White Knight, Celestial Purge, Call to Mind, Flashfreeze, Reassembling Skeleton, Rise from the Grave, Howling Banshee, Earth Servant, Fire Servant, Shiv's Embrace, Ember Hauler, Cudgel Troll, Acidic Slime, Autumn's Veil, Prized Unicorn, Whispersilk Cloak

Build: White / Green


23 Spells (16 creatures, 7 other spells), 17 Lands
2 x Wall of Vines, Infantry Veteran, Honor of the Pure, Celestial Purge, Armored Asecension, White Knight, Blinding Mage, Sylvan RAnger, Pacifism, Whispersilk Cloak, Roc Egg, Brindle Boar, Excommunicate, Wild Griffin, Safe Passage, Cudgel Troll, Cloud Crusader, 2 x Assault Griffin, Greater Basilisk, Acidic Slime, Vengeful Archon, Terramorphic Expanse, 10 Plains, 6 Forest

Results :

Match One - lost in three (very tight indeed - we were both down to 3 life)

Match Two - Steam rolled opponent in two games

Match Three - lost in two

dropped to be alone with my new cardboard.

Hope everyone who headed out to a Pre-Release event had a blast !

1 comment:

Swordoath said...

Pretty awesome day. Also NANTUKO SHADE! Sweet pull.