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M11 Fat Pack

As you know, Magic 2011 is now officially released and you should expect a whole slew of launch parties today. Yesterday, when my local games store opened, we dropped in to pick up an M11 Fat Pack as is our custom to dissect its contents for you.

Let's have a look,

Our fav pack opened of course was the one that had Garruk and the foil Brittle Effigy. Here's the list of the pulls we had.

Serra Ascendant, Silence, Angelic Arbiter, Stormtide Leviathan, Reverberate, Garruk Wildspeaker, Elvish Archdruid, Obstinate Baloth,
Brittle Effigy (foil).

Armored Ascension, Condemn, White Knight, Alluring Siren, Call to Mind, Sleep, Black Knight, Deathmark, Reassembling Skeleton, Liliana's Caress, Howling Banshee (foil), Chandra's Spitfire, Combust, Earth Servant, Fireball, Atumn's Veil, Duskdale Wurm, Garruk's Packleader, Nature's Spiral, Prized Unicorn, Dragon's Claw, Crystal Ball, Gargoyle Sentinel, Sorcerer's Strongbox (x2)

If you have not noticed, we love Fat Packs - why? Even with the crazy-a$$ Canadian price of $45, it is still worth it - you get EIGHT boosters and a nice box to store your awesome new cardboard.

Here is exactly what you get in the Pack :
8 Magic 2011 booster packs, the Magic 2011 Player's Guide, 1 learn-to-play insert, 1 pack of 40 Magic 2011 basic land, 1 Magic 2011 Spindown Life Counter, and an excerpt from Test of Metal, a Planeswalker novel.

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