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Post M11 Artifact Deck

We are going to yatter about a post M11 artifact deck today. Quite a few cards in this build will not be around when they Shards of Alara block and M10 rotate out of standard this fall so we suggest, get in the best 3 months of gaming right now while you still are able.

Anywhoos - starting off, let's have a peak of that metallic angel found inserted in your M11 boosters. The art suggests a new Platinum Angel art, or a new Angel not seen before (most likely). Some rumours insists that we could see a return to coloured artifacts.

Text : Scars of Mirrodin

The corrosion begins October 2, 2010

Journey back to this harsh metallic Plane. This time, will you leave in one piece?

We many hints from all quarters that Scars of Mirrodin will be artifact heavy, we ensured we had our deck set of Steel Overseer now for $4 before it jumps to $14 this fall. Speaking of artifacts, and Steel Overseer, we had a great weekend testing a post-M11 artifact deck, starting at Friday Night Magic, and then a few times throughout the weekend at the kitchen table going up against a variety of different decks. We had a blast, not only was this deck fun to play but also performed not badly.

Here's the deck list - as usual, we ask you the readers to help us out and provide suggestions as to what you would do . . .

38 Spells
3 x Ornithopter
3 x Elixir of Vitality
3 x Voltaic Key
4 x Etherium Sculptor
3 x Metallurgeon
4 x Steel Overseer
3 x Oblivion Ring
3 x Fabricate
4 x Master of Etherium
3 x Lodestone Golem
3 x Scourglass
2 x Platinum Angel

22 Lands
11 x Plains
7 x Islands
2 x Gargoyle Castle
2 x Dread Statuary

Right off the bat - Our original build had the Ornithopters sitting in the sideboard - that was a mistake. Since main-boarding, we count over half the games won by a pumped-up Ornithopter. The exilir of Immortality was good as well and saved our butt a few times by supplying a quick life boost.

Voltaic Key and Steel Overseer are at the heart of this deck and makes everything bad-a$$. We especially loved any game which had Etherium Sculptor and Lodestone Golem out - cheaper artifacts for us and more expensive spells for our opponents. Fabricate performed well by allowing us to look for an artifact in our deck and Master of Etherium was always a solid drop. The big kick to our opponents was Scourglass which wiped their side of the game table but left ours intact. We never really got a chance to play Platinum Angel which means we need more play-testing - we feel that having the Anel out along with the Exilir of Immortality could save us from otherwise stalled games.

The number of mana appeared to be good as well but we did not really get a chance to use Dread Statuary of Gargoyle Castle which means more play-testing again which we will not mind at all given the big fun factor of this deck.

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