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Eldrazi Greens

Happy Friday MTG Peeps,

This is our last post for a bit as we are away for a much needed vacation at the fam's cottage next week. While we are away playing with bears (our bear vid here) in the wilderness and dreaming of an internet connection / cell phone coverage, we invite you to check out the latest posts over at our good friends at Gathering Magic, Casual Magic, or get some trading done at CCG Tradepost.

Magic the Gathering loves Fridays, so make sure you make tracks to your local game store as it is FNM, or perhaps just wipe the chicken wing sauce / pizza droppings off your kitchen table before your mates pop over. Righto - you lot were likely looking for another article - so let's yatter about the horrid state of our Eldrazi Green deck. We've not touched this build for rather some time and think we took a few key cards out for other decks and cannot quite remember what was in there to start.

What got us thinking about this build again was the interesting interaction between Mycoloth (SoA) and Primal Cocoon (M11). One can put this green aura on Mycoloth and enjoy additional saproling tokens each turn - rather fun. Alternatively, we were thinking about fishing additional lands out each turn (via Harrow and the like) to pave the way for Avenger of Zendikar. The punchline with either (or both) of these routes is of course Eldrazi Monument. There's always a moment however in most of our games where we are feeling nekkid / exposed to removal of Mycoloth / Avenger before they pay out - similar case when we have our puked out a board of saproling / plant tokens before getting Eldrazi Monument out in play - yeah - we're thinking about Chain Reaction and the ilk.

Anywhoos - Here is what we found after blowing the dust off . .
Some solid mana acceleration with Lawnmower Elf and Lawnmower ver. 2.0. Some insurance against removal with Vines of the Vastwood and Canopy Cover (love both these cards). Oddly, we found two Elvish Visionary - not sure if we had a deck set of these or they simply bled in some time ago from the side-board. There is also a deckset of Deadly Recluse which certainly saved our bacon a few times in the past by forcing our opponent to think twice before swinging in with Fatty McFatster. Finally, the build gets a bit more interesting with Leatherback Baloth, Garruk Wildspeaker, Mycoloth, Eldrazi Monument, and Avenger of Zendikar. As for land, we found the requisite Oran-Rief, the Vastwood and Khalni Garden.

We were thinking perhaps using Fauna Shaman to fish out the correct cards at the most strategic moment and then lost our train of thought (done fairly easily unfortunately), as we thought about our Knight build from yesterday - Imagine the slim chances of getting two Knight Exeplars out in play - this could be potentially solved with Fauna Shaman - anyways - more to think about we guess.

Right - as this build is no where ready to hit the game table, we would very much appreciate any suggestions you may have - send 'em in as we are away next week and we will get back to work on it upon our return (if the bears don't eat us).

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Thnx - and don't forget to eat your Greens.


Anonymous said...

Not sure how exactly I'd structure this, but some really good green cards I'd consider are:

Bestial Menace (always great w/ Monument)
Beastmaster Ascension (can turn an insignificant horde of 1/1's into a surpise horde of 6/6's)
Joraga Treespeaker (I always get more mileage out of her than the Arbor Elf)
Obstinate Baloth (Jund and Mono-R have a hard time winning against 4x these).

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to build a formidable Mycoloth deck for a while, lately I've been thinking this: Mycoloth + Mitotic Slime + Eldrazi Monument. This way you basically have multiplying devourable creatures that will give any red deck a ginormous headache. You could throw in a couple of Leylines of Vitality for good measure and actually get some consistent use out of that card.

Anonymous said...

id consider some khalni hydras!!!!! great kill