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Hands of Flame

Good Day MTG peeps,

We're taking a quick break from Magic 2010 spoilers today to yatter about another new Wizards of the Coast Product - Duels of the Planeswalker - paper edition decks. We first posted about this last month and with the release just last weekend, got our paws on the Chandra Nalaar deck, courtesy of a friend of ours (thanks JS @ PN !).

Here is our deck dissection . . .

Here is the corporate skinny -

Get your favorite decks in your hands—literally!

Inspired by the decks from the blockbuster Duels of the Planeswalkers digital game, these powerful 60-card decks come with a 15-card booster pack, allowing you to customize your deck and take total command of your game!

. . . and the deck we got -

Hands of Flame –

The Chandra Nalaar Deck
Burn them all with Chandra’s red deck. Put your opponent on the defensive, then unload an awesome arsenal of fiery destruction.


Rating : |||||-|
4 out of 5

This is a classic and well loved deck build. My red Mage approves. This is a solid deck for new and experienced players and makes for some great games. Our only complaint is that Chandra Nalaar was not included.


Land : 24 Mountain

Commons : 4 Goblin Piker, 2 Goblin Sky Raider, 2 Cinder Pyromancer, 3 Incinerate, 2 Shock, 4 Hill Giant, 4 Lightning Elemental

Uncommons : 2 Earth Elemental, 1 Enrage, 1 Bloodmark Mentor, 2 Dragon's Claw, 1 Blaze, 2 Act of Treason, 1 Prodigal Pyromancer

Rares : 1 Kamahl, Pit Fighter (FOIL), 1 Banefire, 1 Shivan Dragon, 1 Rage Reflection, 1 Furnace of Rath

Hands of Flame also comes with a 15-card Magic 2010 Core Set booster pack, to enable you to tweak the deck and add to your collection.

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