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M11 Art Spoiler

Happy Monday folks,

Hope all had a great weekend and some great games at FNM on Friday. Not only did we get a chance to hit up an FNM but also had a couple of very good games yesterday as well.

Still not much happening on the spoiler front - we do promise to get a proper article off soon but for the moment, enjoy these arts which are thought to be for the upcoming
Magic 2011 core set (and not Scars of Mirrodin). they had hit the forums early this morning . . .

Speculate away -

That's it for now -
Tomorrow, we hope to get into some casual deck development and perhaps do a blip on a blast from the past.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think the second to last one has been spoiled as being the art for Mind Control, but I could be wrong\could have seen a mockup.