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M11 Spoilers 6-22

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Looks like rain up in our neck of the woods for the remainder of the week, so we suggest not going outside to play in the puddles (we know that sounds fun ☺) but instead, stay inside and work on your game. Today we have, if you've missed it, some interesting arts from MTG Tactics which are purported to be in the upcoming Magic 2011 set - let's have a looky see . . .

Click to enlarge and you will note some interesting card images (still small and blurry unfortunately) for Deadly Flank, Sacred Lancer, Elvish Archer, and Rain of Arrows. These cards have not yet made it onto our Magic 2011 spoiler list (linky HERE) as we do not yet know anything else about them. We can however speculate which slots they may be in the 'name and number crunch' list. Deadly Flank (12/249), Sacred Lancer (25/249), Elvish Archer (172/249), and Rain of Arrows (194/249).

Anywhoos - more spoilers hopefully on the way. We do have some pooled spoilers from Wizards of the Coast to provide to you shortly after midnight Friday, 25th.

Quick reminder - don't forget about the very cook $10 store credit giveaway at MTG Mint Card → 4 winners so far - on week 3 now.

Righto - next item . .

We were getting ready for another FNM last week tweaking our Cunning Collar deck when we came across our old Deathbringer Liege deck from Eventide. Dang nostalgia set it shortly after knocking the dust off it so we had to have a quick game - yep it was epic.

We loved this deck ( ♥ ! ). And we kept it really, really simple - just include black / white hybrid cards from the set. It pretty much built itself. Sure we could have funked with it but wanted to play with flavour in mind - besides that, it was tonnes of fun and won quite a few casual games.

The bombtastic cards in the deck were Deatherbringer Liege, Divinity of Pride, and Stillmoon Cavalier with a host of other complimentary cards.


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