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M11 Steamed Arts

Good Morning my pickles.

Not too much on the Magic 2011 spoiler fronts just yet but we did find some card artwork for two new commons we already know about . . . have a looky - (just click to enlarge)

Mighty Leap, 1
Instant, Common
Target creature gets +2/+2 and gains flying until end of turn.
flavour text "The southern fortress taken by invaders? Heh, sure . . . when elephants fly." - Brezard Skeinbow, captain of the guard.
rk post

Cloud Crusader, 2
Creature - Human Knight Common
Flying, first strike
flavour text : Each crusader bonds with a griffin fledgling while still a child, and the two grow up as siblings.
Aleski Briclot

The art is great and the flavour text on Might Leap gave us a mighty laugh. These images come via the decks available at the on-line gaming platform, Steam.

Righto - speaking of which,

Anywhoos - the arts are from your on-line game HQ, Steam which now has available the Duels of the Paneswalkers on tap. Sounds like gamer heaven, especially if you have a predilection for the best game on earth, Magic the Gathering. Having said this, we did have a peruse through the MTG forums on Steam and perhaps not everything is fluffy bunnies and sunshine after all. Here is a 'first impressions' review post from user Lurpsukka.

- Game uses loads of CPU and GPU, makes my computer fans to run at full speed (LOUD!) causing it to crash eventually

- High score list causes the game to crash

- No chat in multiplayer games

- No online co-op (big letdown!)

- No manual mana tapping

- Not possible to disable the microphone

- Casting instants requires you to press the stop timer button at the right second, good luck with the small cards - Have to zoom in on every card I don't know by their small picture (1680x1050 here)

- No deck customization

- First mulligan doesn't reduce the hand size to 6

- Again the game seems to be very graphic heavy which is funny considering it's a card game

It seems like they did straight port from the Xbox 360, this game has so much potential but instead they ruined it.
Waiting for a big fix/patch.

Wow - hopefully, the code monkeys get on this soon.

Well - back to work you lot and make sure you keep sending us news and rumours to post.

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Anonymous said...

What I think is crazy is how long Steam takes to update (non-optional) when I try to play. By the time the game finally shows up, I've left the computer.