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Baneslayer in M11

Some very interesting news out about some cards graduating from M10 to M11. Tom LaPille, in today's article ('Core Samples'), over at Wizards gave us a brief run-down as to what to expect and what not to in the next core set. Frankly, there are a lot of players who are now getting rather excited about the anticipation of some epic gaming when the core set will officially release next month (July 16th, 2010).

Enuff with the yattering already ! - let's have a look what you may have the glee of cracking open in a M11 booster pack . . .

Here's what's confirmed to be in M11:

Fireball, Lightning Bolt, M10 Dual Lands, and Baneslayer Angel !

These are presumed from reading 'in between the lines' as it were :

Deathmark, Celestial Purge and Flashfreeze.

These will not be making the cut in M11 :

Open the Vaults, Mold Adder, Twincast, Divination, Planar Cleansing, Essence Scatter and Shivan Dragon.

We're rather sorry that Planar Cleansing is not making the cut but only because we just picked a few up in a trade recently. As for Shivan Dragon, thank-you Wizards for killing it - this thing had been hanging around since Alpha / Beta and we're thinking it was just as bad then as it was today.

Anywhoos - stick around as we will be getting our Magic 2010 spoiler list started up very soon.

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