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M11 MiniSite

The rest of the day could get FedEx'd to hell in a handbasket but we would still be happy - Why? - Because Wizards just put up their Magic 2011 Mini-Site up today and all is right and awesome (♫!) in our world.

If you are just getting into this most excellent of games, Magic the Gathering, each set typically nets its own mini-site where WoTC minions labour tirelessly to update you with the latest 'n' greatest product info (including pre-relase / launch parties) visual spoilers, and other goodies such as wallpapers to pimp your desktop.

Anywhoos - lets have a looky ►

Product information

Prerelease Date, Release Date, Launch Party, Magic Online Release, Game Day, Design 'n Development Team, and of course what product formats are available (Magic 2011 Booster Packs, Intro Pack, Fat Pack, etc.


Looks like we do not have to jump through a puzzle game in order to score a desktop wallpaper this release. First Wallpaper (Mystifying Maze) in now available for download. Expect the remaining two to be released June 30th and July 7th.

Visual Spoiler

Yep - you got it - the page loaded most often and checked most frequently by the Magic gaming community. This is updated almost daily. The visual spoiler page is organised by the colours of Magic of course - White
, Blue , Black , Red , Green , Artifacts and Lands . If you want to get the very latest, you can always check out our spoiler list HERE.

And finally -

Magic Rules

This is where one may find links to the Basic Rulebook, Comprehensive rules, the Gatherer card database, Magic Set FAQ's, constructed formats and banned / restricted lists, Planeswalker Rules, and a bunch of other rule thingys available in the language of your choice (except Friesian - they don't play Magic).

Make sure you drop by again soon as we will be updating to capture the latest M11 spoiler goodness.

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