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ARB UltraPro Products

Welcome to yet another round of Alara Reborn speculation - today centered around some very cool UltraPro Products.

First up, some deck boxes (and card sleeves) featuring two Sphinxes. As for my kick at the speculation can, I will guess that one of these winged zoomorphic figures (the lighter coloured one) may be Kemuel, The Hidden One. This is the critter who resides in an Esper desert of glass and only has one wing. It is almost a guarantee that this will be one of the Legendary creatures to expect in the new set.

Here is another close-up of the deck sleeves. This Sphinx is currently unknown. Some speculate that this may be Crucius the Mad, the brilliant sphinx whose gift of etherium gave rise to overzealous monstrosities like æther-liches. If this is true, then we can now expect TWO Legendary creatures from Esper in Alara Reborn.

Here on the card binder on the right is that very mysterious Angel we had recently seen in the MTG iGoogle Themes. This could be Asha finally returning to Alara.

As for the Elf featured on the left binder, you guess is as good as mine - most likely not any legendary creature - just simply an Elf who somehow now finds herself removed from Naya and now battling an unkown foe in Esper.

That is all the spoilers for now, but be sure to tune in again soon !

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