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ARB Spoiler 8

Lots of stuff today folks on the Alara Reborn spoiler agenda,

There is another installment over at the Wizard's 'Explore Alara' section with great flavour and a lot of very lovely card art. I can hardly hold it together to see what the associated cards will look like.

Meddling Mage has been confirmed via the Orb of Insight. This two drop creature is a popular reprint from Planeshift and is sure to make a splash with anyone hoping to insert a bit more control in their Bant-ish decks.

We have the card for Dragon Broodmother as well as the token now. I can see some players nay-saying the weak 4 toughness on this but I will hazard a guess that this card will be worked into a combo by a devious mind out there to pwn the nay-sayer.

Dragon Broodmother, 2RRRG
Creature - Dragon, Mythic Rare
At the beginning of each upkeep, put a 1/1 red and green Dragon creature token with flying and devour 2 into play.

A lot of players are giving Blitz Hellion the thumbs down simply because it gets shuffled back. Some are working on breaking it to cheat it back into your hand instead or back into play but are coming up short of an effective play. Personally, I love this critter simply due to the psycological threat it provides.

Blitz Hellion, 3RG
Creature - Hellion, Rare
Trample, haste
At end of turn, Blitz Hellion's owner shuffles it into his or her library.

Have a look at this bad-a$$ - Mr. Thraximundar. This card has late game bomb written all over it - nuff said.
Thraximundar, 4UBR
Legendary Creature - Zombie Assassin , Mythic Rare
Whenever Thraximundar attacks, defending player sacrifices a creature.
Whenever a player sacrifices a creature, you may put a +1/+1 counter on Thraximundar.

Time Sieve promises to be completely useless unless you have a hoard of tokens to offer up to the 'take-an-extra-turn' gods. Again, this may look better in your bicycle's tire spokes but I'm certain that someone will find singular epic win with this which will become the stuff of MTG legend.

Time Sieve, UB
Artifact, Rare
Tap: Sacrifice five artifacts: Take an extra turn after this one.

Stay tuned for more Alara Reborn juice.


Nicholas Davis said...

Blitz Hellion looks awesome! Four of in my RB (soon to be G) Hellspark Thunder Deck!!! w00t!

-=[ RØJØ ]=- said...

I don't think Dragon Broodmother is weak, it does not need to attack, it's criters would do it, and the creatures with carnage will get buffed every up-keep when the little whelps devour the tokens, XD I love this dragon!

Anonymous said...

I would imagine using Impromptu Raid with Blitz Hellion (and a way to put it back on top of your library, e.g. Lilliana Vess) would be a decent combo.