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ARB Spoiler 4

We have another three Alara Reborn spoilers for you today, making the spoiler list completed to 13 / 145.

Terminate, BR
Instant Common
Destroy target creature. It can't be regenerated.

This fellow was found yesterday hanging out in the Draft Viewer (of all places - 'Tom Riddle' Pack #2) Here we have a reprint from Planeshift
. Absolutely great art from Wayne Reynolds. It shows an Etlan Beserker getting pwn'd and is somewhat akin to a dark 'Path To Exile'.


Jund Muckcutter, {B/G}R
Creature - Goblin Beserker, Common
As long you control another multicolored permanent, Jund Muckcutter gains +1/+1 and haste.

This is a nice solid little two-drop and may see inclusion in some casual decks - A hasty 3/2 is never an unwelcome creature on turn two if you can get it out. At the versy least, it makes for a good chump blocker.


Soulquake, 3UUBB
Sorcery, Rare
Return all creatures in play and all creatures from all graveyards to their owners' hands.

Nice card . . . sort of. Just be sure you have have a Reliquary Tower in play when this hits the table - it may make your opponent cry.


Random card art time !
'Talonrake Aven'
Is this art from an upcomming Alara Reborn card or perhaps something that may have been turfed and not used in the previous Shards of Alara or Conflux set ?

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Obunaji said...

Nice! Terminate is one of those cards that have been in my collection for ages. At least I can now dust it off for my Blightning deck.