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ARB Twitter Spoiler

Late Friday evening while I was celbrating Good Friday, WoTC henchmen Monty and Kelly spoiled this beautiful card via the MTG Daily Twitter feed.

Sphinx of the Steel Wind, 5WUB
Artifact Creature - Sphinx, Mythic Rare
Flying, First Strike, Vigilance, Lifelink, Protection from Red and from Green

Kind of an Esper Artifact equivalent to Akroma, Angel of Wrath, which would be immune to such hazards as soon-to-be-reprinted black / red Terminate or the green answer for artifacts, Naturalize.

The only obvious Achilles here may be Blue counterspell and White removal (such as Oblivion Ring / Path to Exile). If you can, get some shroud on this before it gets picked off.

I would suggest trying to sneak this late game Esper finisher with Master Transmuter. However this sees play, I am certain that it will make a splash.

. . . Just awesome - Thanks Kelly and Monty ! !

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