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Alara Reborn Speculation 3

It seems that MTG Editor Kelly Digges is the latest daily MTG writer to fall victim to multiple personality disorder . . . perhaps he had been hanging out far too long with Mark Rosewater.

Anywho - Kelly, in his regular Tuesday article, Serious Fun, had written up the article titled "On Winning" from the perspective of Nicol Bolas. Kelly 'Bolas' Digges writes onto a variety of card-play subjects with a uniquely evil twist indicative of this planeswalking Elder Dragon.

The kicker of special interest comes only at the end of the article where we were treated to some artwork from the upcomming Alara Reborn set.

The piece is called Slave of Bolas, by artist-extrodanaire Steve Argyle (You may recall other very impressive art by Steve such as Naya Battlemage). In this art, we can clearly see Nicol's dragon tail in the foreground, and broken sigils on the ground in front of the mystery angel. The expression on the angel's face is also a bit of a mystery - somewhere between futility and awe perhaps.

Anywho - speculate away as to how this Angel pwnage art may be incarnated as a card in Alara Reborn.


Dave said...

Either way, if Bolas is now able to have an Angel as a slave, things arn't looking good for Alara.

Big D said...

I agree with Dave. I had seen Kelly's article and thought the same as you. By the way, I really like your blog. It's great. Very informative.