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Another plug for AllMagicCards (AMC), a very useful site I had been using to evaluate some of my recent Alara Reborn card trades. I should think that I'll be coming here much more often when I start to purchase my singles for Alara Reborn, Zendikar and Magic 2010.

Anywho, AMC is a solid website for Magic players to find great deals on MTG Cards. You can also check out and compare the Prices, Selection and Service from several well known MTG store websites on the same page.

One the screen, you can view inventory from a stable of stores and check out their entire inventory for that special card you are after.

AMC not only allows you to compare MTG card prices to get the best deal but also delivers much, much more . . .

AMC Advanced Search
Multiple variables is the shizzle when looking for MTG cards . . . You can search by colour, rarity, card text (if you forgot the damn name), and a host of other details.

AMC List Search ROCKS !
Did you just catch a killer build over at Top8 ? Copy that card list and simply drop it into the pail here. This very kewl applet will chew up your list and beat a track to the best store.

Some other neat things . . .

> Throw multiple cards from multiple vendors in your shopping card.

> Buy or Sell an entire decklist of cards!

> Do an advanced search for Buy Prices or Sell Prices.

> Browse by set from the map at the bottom of every page.

> Sort / search cards by alphabetical / colour and rarity filters.

> Shows the Hottest 100 Cards.

> Shows the highest buy prices for the Top 100.

> And shows the most expensive cards on AMC!

Grab some popKorn, Here is a quick vid on AMC . . .


Nicholas Davis said...

I've also been using them as a price source for trading. Easy to use!

Anonymous said...

Good video. I really like the list search feature.