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Fate Reforged Spoiler 12-16

Happy Tuesday evening MTG peeps,

We realised we just posted not that very long ago, but we have some pretty cool news - a right proper Fate Reforged spoiler for all the Magic: the Gathering spoiler nutters out there.  This particular spoiler was to be previewed in an article by Reid Duke on the 29th December but for some reason got promoted and found the attention of the Google cache monster.
This Holiday treat we were meant to enjoy over the Christmas holidays is a white Uncommon instant and dang! - its just beautiful.  We are most definitely looking forward to the Fate Reforged set release on 23rd January and this new spoiler is definitely going on a pre-order list to MTG Mint Card

Anywhoos - let's look at the amazing art from Willian Murai !  Looks like an Abzan warrior getting down to business with the business end of a Tarkir Dragon.

Now the card . . .

Valorous Stance, 1W
Instant, Uncommon
Choose one -
• Target creature gains indestructible until end of turn.
• Destroy target creature with toughness 4 or greater.
"Every choice alters the path of fate"
-Sarkhan Vol


A very cool modal spell offering your choice of protection or destruction - we're just dizzy with how lovely this is.  This is likely to be solid against what is expected to be a number of dragons in the new set and will also provide an option against those Siege Rhinos which seem to be rather popular and prevalent in the format right now.

Two thumbs up on this one !  Although we're overjoyed to see this early, we're still sorry for WotC and Reid Duke about their time-travel issues with this article.  This new card now joins two others and we love what we're seeing so far.


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Unknown said...

What concerns me about this card valorous stance is that tilts the Abzan/Jeskai balance too heavily in Jeskai's favour.Jeskai now has an extra way of removing Abzan's larger,more expensive creatures while simultaneously pumping its cheaper,smaller creatures.It can then easily turn that tempo advantage into card advantage with treasure cruise and dig through time.