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Save our Dragons

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

In today's article we want to bring your attention to the sad and dire plight faced by the Dragons on Tarkir.  This majestic and fierce creature once roamed the Plane in great numbers but had become nearly extinct by a combination of thoughtless wholesale slaughter by the Abzan, Jeskai, Mardu, and Temur Clans and by the draconic disease developed by the devious Sultai. 

There still remains a hope however.  A few dozen Dragons were discovered deep within the isolated Qal Sisma mountain range and found to be in good health given the fact that most of the research party from the Tarkir Conservation Organization (TaCo) were devoured.  Acting swiftly a number of interest groups coalesced to form Save our Dragons (SoD) and purchased the lands which are now recognized today as the Dragon Ecosystem Range Preserve (DERP). 

The remaining dragons are still very much at risk with habitat encroachment by the Temur and poaching by the Mardu.  Even Wizards of the Coast are guilty of grotesque taxidermy - look no further than Mitzy, tastelessly displayed in their lobby.  We urge you this holiday season to give a gift that will help protect the future of Dragons on Tarkir for future generations.  These large carnivores are sensitive indicators of ecosystem health and require our immediate assistance.  

By adopting a dragon, you will provide funding for the Feed a Dragon (FaD) program which will send parties of unknowing Mardu Goblins and witless Sultai Zombies on 'research' into DERP.  We'll send you a picture of a needy dragon broiling victuals (read: victims).  Alternatively, purchase a Dragon card from on online retailer like MTG Mint Card and hot-glue it to your yurt or pony to demonstrate your support.

Please call now and say you'll save a dragon - operators are standing by.

Inspired by a recent MTG Cast 'Monday Night Magic' episode.

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