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A Magical Christmas

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Tis the season so they say, and Magic: the Gathering fans are going all out this year it seems.  There have been more Christmas themed decorations, ornaments, Christmas trees and other festive indulgences than we can keep track of.  Here at MTG Realm, we've posted / reposted some of the offerings on our Tumblr Page but really cannot keep up.

One particular post to the Reddit Magic TCG page did catch our attention.  Redditor 'Schechefter' had fabricated a wonderful Nativity Scene prominently featuring rather appropriate Magic: the Gathering cards to substitute for Joseph, Mary, Baby J, the wise men and the stable critters - let's have a looky-loo -

Anax and Cymede (Theros Legendary) along with Child of Alara (Conflux Mythic Rare) are centre stage with the very appropriate Angel of Glory's Rise (Avacyn Restored promo).

The 'wise' men or Kings are all standard format legal and include King Macar, the Gold-Cursed, Briamaz, King of Oreskos, and Tymaret, the Murder King (perhaps not the safest guests to invite to a birthing).

Rounding out the cast of characters are the critters - namely Nyx-Fleece Ram, Camel, and Dwarven Pony.

Brilliant!  Great job by Schechefter.  If you are looking to get down to creating something similar for next year or even a closer holiday (Groundhog Day?), be sure to pop by MTG Mint Card to pick up some MTG singles to manifest your creativity.

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