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Playmat Palooza

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

The snowpocalypse of yesterday has now been mostly cleared off the local roads here in Barrie, which means we're definitely able to get off to Friday Night Magic at our local store, OMG! Games to take another stab at any weakeness in the metagame with a new rogue decklist we've just developed.  Heading into the weekend, there is a number of professional events which should make Magic: the Gathering fans happy - namely Grand Prix Baltimore, Grand Prix Milan as well as Star City Games Seattle Open with $20,000 available in the prize pool and features a $50,000 invitational.

Over on the mothersite, things will wind down for the next two weeks for the Christmas Holidays but fear not, here at MTG Realm, we still will have a number of MTG posts for you.  For today, we wanted to showcase a small sample of some rather cool playmats - let's go !

Ravnica Guilds Playmat, from  'R4ID'

Birthing Pod Playmat, from  'Zealot_Of_Freya'

Temple of Mystery Playmat (Noah Bradley art), from 'AnonymousListener'

Cock Magic Playmat (South Park inspired), from 'jasinner'

Waffle House Playmat, from '__hellbent'

Golden Girls playmat, from  'pyromosh'


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