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Lord of War

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  One of the first first new standard format decks we had derp'd out with after Khans of Tarkir came out was a Black / White Warrior build featuring Chief of the Edge and Chief of the Scale which we pre-ordered from MTG Mint Card the day it was previewed.  We kinda have a thingy for these sorts of pump and 'Lord' effects and think perhaps it was mainly due to the timing of when we first experienced Magic: the Gathering - Lorwyn block - a block with a heavily featured tribal theme.  This was a theme which made it a bit easy for novices like us to start deck-building.  We had a lot of fun with changelings as well.  The 'Lord' moniker was provided perhaps from Lord of Atlantis from Alpha which also had Goblin King and Zombie Master.

The very next and natural progression for us was to continue along creature-based strategies using 'lords'.  A lord essentially is any other permanent, very often a creature, which granted a bonus, most often in increased power and / or toughness to the same creature type.  We had Faerie deck lists with Scion of Oona, Goblin builds with Mad Auntie, Fish tech with Merrow Reejerey, etc., ad nauseam.  We think we even had a list for each of the Lieges in Shadowmoor as well which were 'colour lords' - a boost to any of your creatures with the stated colour.  Latter on in our our MTG journey, things got really interesting with other not-so-typical Lords such as 'keyword' lords like Hand of the Praetors, or other 'selectable' lords like Adaptive Automaton.  The horizon stretched very far indeed.  One of our most favourite recent builds was one which featured a nut-ton of token generators and Intangible Virtue.

For and interesting article on the mothersite from MaRo, you should check out 'Lord of Things' (from back in 2012).  If you are contemplating a starting point in building a Commander list and just cannot decide on a Commander (General), you may be well served working backwards from creature, keyword, or colour lords.  Back in 2012, Channel Fireball did a cool 'Top 8' or best 8 MTG Lords - 

Top 8 Magic the Gathering Lords
8 : Drogskol Captain
7 : Coralhelm Commander
6 : Imperious Perfect
5 : Scion of Oona
4 : Goblin Warchief
3 : Merrow Reejerey
2 : Elvish Archdruid
1 : Lord of Atlantis
For some lulz, we will leave off with two 'Un-Lords' - Chicken a la King which gives Chickens a +1/+1 counter whenever a 6 is rolled on a 6-sided die, and the unforgettable Assquatch, which pumps your donkey's power / toughness by +1½.


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