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Khans of Tarkir PreRelease

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Wow, what a weekend.  Magic: the Gathering players packed our local store, OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario, Canada-Land for Khans of Tarkir PreRelease events over the weekend.  This may perhaps have been one of the best attended PreRelease events in some time.  By the time Sunday morning rolled around and we finally had a chance to game, the store was out of Abzan, Mardu, and Temur PreRelease packs (in fact, in this particular order of preference) and if you did not already reserve one, you were stuck with either Jeskai or Sultai . . . we picked Jeskai.

The 'seeded' Jeskai pack produced the following ;
Sage of the Inward Eye (foil prerelease promo), Jeskai Banner, Arc Lightning, Dragon's Eye Savants, Take Up Arms, Mystic Monastery, Jeskai Student, Jeskai Windscout, Bloodfire Mentor, Alabaster Kirin, Mystic of the Hidden Way, Defiant Strike, Crippling Chill, Smite the Monstrous, Efreet Weaponmaster, Swiftwater Cliffs.

Some rather decent mana support and spell support for Jeskai but we were still gunning to play Abzan or Mardu for the Prerelease - so - we cracked the packs and here's what we scored -
Pack 1 - Abzan Ascendancy
Pack 2 - Abzan Ascendancy
Pack 3 - Windswept Heath
Pack 4 - Rakshasa Deathdealer, FOIL Polluted Delta (!)
Pack 5 - Rakshasa Vizier

After sorting through the pool, we were in fact able to scrap enough solid choices to go Abzan (white, green, black).  In fact the choices were good enough to take the decklist to first place.

Definitely impressed with the double Abzan Ascendancy, a double Mardu Hordechief, and the Abzan Falconer.   We are already planning our first standard format with these cards and will be picking up some additional ones from MTG Mint Card. Here's a quick video of the unboxing - 


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