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Tumblr Thursday

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Tomorrow, we'll be heading out to our local gamery shoppe, OMG! Games here in Barrie, just a hop / skip / jump from Georgian College to get some Friday Night Magic in and perhaps get a chance to score the new FNM promo, Call of the Conclave with slick new alt art from Anthony Palumbo.  We still don't have a deck we want to play - sure loads we love to play at the kitchen table - perhaps something with a Golgari Zombie theme (we did get a few cards from MTG Mint Card recently).  Anywhos - OMG! Games is also running a $5 standard constructed event this Saturday (noon-30 start) with a chance to win a free entry to the Dragon's Maze prerelease - not too shabby we think.  Expect Dragon's Maze spoilers and previews raining down on the MTG community starting next week.

Righto - onto today's topic - Tumblr Time!  Here's the latest and greatest from our sister site, MTG Realm on Tumblr.

Orzhov Daily & Doctrine
Suddenly and without provocation, beloved Basilica greeters Tom and Jerry were needlessly murdered late last night while on duty at the Orzhov Church of Deals.  Witnesses identified Gruul radical leader Ruric-Thar as the attacker.  The Guild has filed writs with the appropriate Azorius enforcement offices for follow-up.  Those who miss the kind, witty, and jovial fixture at our doors may again see them hard at work early next week in their new assignment as Thrulls in our collection and extortion branch office.
Illustration by Dan Scott with new Dragon’s Maze art by Karl Kopinski.
Magic: the Gathering - Dragon’s Maze
Some arts in today’s Uncharted Realms article on the mothersite featuring Gobbies.  Featured illustrations by Ryan Barger, Kev Walker, and Svetlin Velinov.
Flavor-wise, I’m hoping we have a reference to Skreeg, Ral Zarek’s ever-faithful goblin assistant.

Magic: the Gathering - Your Local Gamestore
Here’s the freak’n awesome floor of the play space at The Game Hub located in Lower Lake, California.
Note - If you drop a card on the floor here, you’re basically pooched.


Magic: the Gathering - Dragon’s Maze League

Check with your local gaming store.  The league runs for five weeks, beginning on the release day of the Dragon’s Maze expansion. The suggested play format for the league is Sealed Deck. Entry fees and prizes are determined by your store. 20 Bird token cards are included in the league kit to supplement your store’s prizes.  Check MTG Realm for any updates.

League Kit:
• Instruction sheet
• Double-sided tracking poster
• 32 Progress cards with lanyard
• 8 Sheets of guild symbol stickers
• 20 Prize-supplement Bird tokens
• 5 DCI™ Membership Cards
• 1 Score pad
Magic: the Gathering - Dragon’s Maze Prerelease

• Each player attending the prerelease receives the same promotional card, which can ‘’’not’’’ be played in the sealed deck.

• In the prerelease sealed format, players choose their guild and receive a guild pack of the appropriate guild which also supports a secret second guild. The which will share one color with the chosen guild. It will always be from the opposite set as your chosen guild (Return to Ravnica <> Gatecrash).
• Each guildpack contains four Dragon’s Maze booster packs, one Guild Prerelease pack from the guild, and one secret Guild Prerelease pack.
• The two guild packs will be the same as they were in their original Prerelease, but will not have that set’s Prerelease promo for those guilds.
• The guild Prerelease packs will not contain a Spindown life counter, sticker, or guild welcome letter.
• There’s also a maze! Players will work collectively to advance their chosen guild through the ‘’Implicit Maze’’ each round. There are prizes for each guild that gets all the way through the maze, and special prizes for the first guild that does it.
• The Implicit Maze Kit includes 1 Large Implicit Maze activity poster, 10 Guild progress markers, Guild insignia buttons, Foil basic land promo cards and Planeswalker Points Achievement cards
• When the maze is completed, all participating players will receive a premium (foil) basic land promo card.

Look to MTG Realm to post upcoming Dragon’s Maze Game Day information.
Magic: the Gathering …

C R A B S ! !
Freak’n everywhere !


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